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At 3keys VIP we tailor each program to your needs. Whether you just want to order gifts or want us to handle all of the marketing and management of an event, we offer flexible programs. Since 2010,  we’ve tested and proven dozens of marketing campaigns, special events and gifts and are the experts at driving foot traffic in to stores.  Our customers consistently tell us how much they appreciate our responsiveness. I guess that’s why some of them have been with us since we started. In fact, we’ve worked with 15 of the top 50 home furnishing retailers.




Neal Glickfield, President

Even before he joined his family’s business, Marlo Furniture, Neal enjoyed the thrill of buying and selling. In his early days as a buyer at Marlo, Neal’s natural instincts for what sells led him to source and launch a new contemporary product line of lacquer leather and marble Italian imports. Ultimately, he became President of the company. With Neal leading the way, Marlo grew to become the largest retailer in the DC area.

After the successful sale of Marlo in 2009, Neal took his passion for retail marketing and started 3 Keys VIP, a boutique retail marketing firm specializing in turning around the worst sales weekends of the year.

With his leadership and strong team, 3Keys Clients often double in-store traffic and sales with customized VIP events, exclusive custom designed gifts, and direct marketing. 3 Keys’ impressive VIP loyalty events have delivered substantial ROI, brand loyalty and raving fans for many of the top home furnishing retailers throughout the USA and around the world. 

Having been been a retailer, Neal and his 3 Keys team focus on creating events that are turn-key and simple to execute for his clients. When he’s not busy helping clients have great weekend events, Neal loves travelling with his family. As a passionate livelong leaner, he also enjoys participating in the Young Presidents Organization and a peer CEO group. Neal also enjoys giving back to both his community and groups by speaking at industry events. Most recently, he chaired a panel on Driving Traffic to Bricks and Mortar Stores for the Young Presidents Organization.



Lusha Liang Operations

Anything having to do with ordering and moving gifts is all Lusha.


Iskra NedelchevaAccount Manager

Our go-to person for client success is Isi. She works with clients to plan events down to the very last detail.