Neal Glickfield, Owner

Born into Retail

Neal Glickfield has always had a fascination with marketing. He started as a kid buying and selling products. Throughout high school, he worked for the family business, Marlo Furniture and upon graduation from college, became a buyer. His natural instincts for what sells kicked into high gear in this role sourcing, marketing and launching a new product line of lacquer leather and marble Italian imports. The success of this line led him to take over marketing and buying in 1988 and eventually taking over the Presidency in 1996. With Neal leading the way, Marlo grew to become the largest retailer in the DC area by doubling the stores’ business and putting his family in the position to sell in 2011.

Neal decided to take his passion for retail marketing and started 3 Keys VIP, a boutique consulting/marketing firm specializing in turning around the worst sales weekends of the year. With his help and leadership, retailers are now increasing in-store traffic and sales by implementing his innovative turn-key marketing strategies, such as customized VIP events, concept and product development, exclusive custom designed gifts, and direct marketing tactics. Neal’s ideas have turned some of the slowest retail periods each month into the strongest. His impressive VIP loyalty events have delivered substantial ROI, brand loyalty and raving fans for many of the top home furnishing retailers throughout the USA and around the world. He’s now set his sights on expanding his offering so that more kinds of retail businesses can achieve the same.

Having been in the shoes of many of his clients, Neal has a deep understanding and appreciation for creating events that are turn-key and simple for his clients. 3 Keys has provided Neal the opportunity to do what he loves, work with people he enjoys and create big success for clients.